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Welcome to the Academy
How to Get the Most Out of Your Subscription

It's John Terry, the Black Belt Leader. Thanks for joining me as I take you on the same path I'm walking as I learn to develop myself as a leader. I'm so glad you're with me. In this introductory video, I'll share some insights into how you can get the most out of this learning library and maximize your personal growth opportunity.  

How To Be a REAL Success

A Five-Part Series on personal growth and development in the area of Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, and Leadership presented by Dr. John C. Maxwell, with insights and commentary from John Terry - The Black Belt Leader.  This resource is also approved for Staff Training or as a classroom teaching to your Black Belt or Leadership Club or general student populace.   All Participants Will Need a Copy of the REAL Success Participant's Guide to take notes they can refer back to and you can discuss in Q&A with staff and students.  While access to this resource appears in each video section, there is not a separate participation guide required for each section.
REAL Success: Session One (Introduction)
How To Be a REAL Success:
Session One

An introduction to "How to be a REAL Success", featuring John C.Maxwell and commentary by Black Belt Leadership founder Professor John Terry.

REAL Success: Session Two (Relationships)
How To Be a REAL Success
Session Two: Relationships

Relationships 101, from "How to be a REAL Success" featuring John C. Maxwell and commentary by Black Belt Leadership founder Professor John Terry

REAL Success: Session Three (Equipping)
How To Be a REAL Success
Session Three: Equipping

Equipping 101 from "How to be a REAL Success" featuring John C. Maxwell, with commentary from Black Belt Leadership founder, Professor John Terry.

REAL Success: Session Four (Attitude)
How To Be a REAL Success
Session Four: Attitude

Attitude 101 from "How to be a REAL Success, featuring John C. Maxwell with commentary by Black Belt Leadership founder, Professor John Terry

REAL Success: Session Five (Leadership)
How To Be a REAL Success

Leadership 101 from "How To Be a REAL Success" featuring John Cl Maxwell with commentary by IMAC President and Black Belt Leadership founder, Professor John Terry

iChoose Youth Leadership Curriculum

Teachers & school administrators, introduce your students to values-based leadership, empowering them to become Black Belt Leaders in life. This is a powerful tool for leadership development for your students (age 13 and older). Great for small groups, such as your Black Belt or Leadership Club, this resource can help young people uncover the leader waiting to be developed within and start them on a lifelong journey of personal growth and development.  16 lessons, broken down into 4 units, intended to be a facilitated discussion among the participants. This resource is provided free of charge to K-12 schools courtesy of The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation.  

TEACHING TIP: You may wish to break this leadership course content up over a 16-month period, focusing on ONE of these leadership qualities each month.  This will permit you to build upon each leadership quality for an average of four weeks, while still having time for other activities in your classroom or incorporating a book study on a leadership book to complement what they're learning in these discussion-style sessions.  
Sports coaches may find this an attractive complement to the leadership qualities you are seeking to install into your players, and using the roundtable, discussion-style format is a great way to engage in team-building and clutivating leadership qualities into your Team.  

The martial arts has a long tradition of incorporating strong leadership principles into its training, going all the way back to the 7 Virtues of the Bushido in ancient culture.  Martial arts instructors may want to incorporate this in your Black Belt or Leadership Club for your martial arts training elements.  You can also use this content as a Mat Chat series for your entire school if that is your preference.  

The long-term goal is to get the students thinking into these leadership traits, and living them out in their daily routine.  Leaders are developed daily, not in a day, so this is a powerful opportunty to make a difference in the lives of today's youth.

If you have questions or need some guidance in scheduling, formatting, or implementing this curriculum within your school, please do not hesitate to contact our Administrative office.  
Lessons in Leadership
A Virtual Lunch-N-Learn Event

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the need for leadership has never been greater.  In this introduction to John Maxwell's 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, you'll have an opportunity to hear from leadership guru, Dr. John C. Maxwell, and the CEO of John's companies, Mark Cole.  I'll also share some insights as we think into what John and Mark are sharing in this introductory session to oe of John's essential leadership teachings.

Leveraging Social Media
7 Tips to Engagement & Prospecting

Today we live in a virtual world.  Americans spend an average of 144 minutes (over 2 hours) on Social Media every single day.  That's up more than 1 hour since 2012.  We've become connnected in ways  previous generations couldn't imagine.  So if that's where Americans are spending a considerable amount of their day, why aren't YOU there as a small business owner sharing who you are, what you do, and the results people can experience by being a part of your program?  In this video, we share 7 insights to help you think into how you leverage social media to both attract new customers but also stay engaged with your current and former customers, as well as champiniong a cause that makes a difference in the lives of others.  
DISC Personality Profiles
DISC Personalilty Profiles

Want to learn why you do the things you do? What stresses you out, and how you stress others? How you prefer to be communicated to, and how your communication style may be a challenge to others? What if you could personalize your training with each individual student based on their unique learning style?  That's what a DISC Personality Profile assessment can do for you.

As you're training yourself or others to become Black Belt Leaders in Life, why not access a resource that will give you and those you're leading a deeper insight into their career choices, enjoy better relationships, manage money more effectively, and make better lifestyle choices?  That's what a DISC Personality Profile Assessment can do for your students.  

To order a DISC Student Success Assessment or a DISC Personality Profile Assessment, contact our office.  If you're working with teens, ask us about a DISC tool you can use in your school to personalize your teaching style to your individual students?  Contact our office.  
Black Belt Leadership - The Master Class
Now Available on

Discover the 10 Essential Character Qualities of a Black Belt Leader in a 10-hour in-depth master class, based on the book, Black Belt Leadership, which debuted as a #1 New Release on in March 2020, and remained on the Amazon Best Sellers list for almost 3 months.  Broken down into 12 lessons, you'll learn to master the 10 essential leadership qualities passed down for centuries through the martial arts. 50 Videos, 50 Audio downloads, and 12 downloadable PDF worksheets.  (Retail value: $397.00)

Shihan U Price: $199.00

This content is exclusively for use by subscribers who are in good standing.  This training includes licensed third-party teaching content made available by The John Maxwell Team, DISC Personality Profiles, and  Black Belt Leadership.  Unauthorized sharing or distribution of this content is a violation of federal copyright laws and can subject the violator to legal action.  Sharing this link or content on social media is also prohibited.  iLead Curriculum is made available as a free resource to schools  and the students they serve courtesy of  a grant from The John Maxwell Foundation.  Unauthorized distribution or improper useof this content is prohibited.  
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